Ryan Else

Founder and Managing Partner 

A recognized leader of sales, marketing and operations organizations with a 20+ year record of delivering growth in software, products and services to retailers, e-commerce, b2b, b2c, enterprise clients and distribution channels. Ryan received his MBA from The University of Notre Dame and is credited with leading the turn-around strategy of consumer electronics manufacturer Oregon Scientific. As President & GM of North America he led sales, marketing, product and operations teams in the development of direct to consumer, retail and product road map strategy for connected IoT devices. He was also a key leader in the successful M&A process that led to the multi-million dollar acquisition of their parent company, IDT International by China's Sanpower Group.


Mr. Else started his career in sales and marketing at Oracle and has has been successful in launching software, services and consumer products with companies including Oracle, PeopleSoft, Securify, Amazon, Soft Iorn Hardware Appliances, Costco, Lowe's, Home Depot and Ace Hardware. In doing so he has managed global sales, product and marketing organizations along with the implementation of distribution, retail and e-commerce growth strategies.

Investments: PsiQuantum Computing, Bayonet Technologies, Mifiel, Volabit, atHUM

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