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Social Innovation Summit

During my trip to San Francisco last week I had meetings with a variety of foundations discussing compelling topics relevant to social impact and innovation, corporate social responsibility, leadership and our funds approach to diversity and social good. I spoke with the United Nations, e-bay Foundation, Twilio Foundation,, Google Ventures, Twitter, Lyft, IKEA, Annenburg Foundation, Golden State Warriors Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation and many others.

The common take away in my discussions was that companies and individuals in today's economy are expressing a common desire to contribute to a greater social good. This aligns with our funds desire to drive core values into corporate cultures that instill a sense of pride in contributing to a greater social good while seeking outsized financial returns for our limited partners.

I also met with Amy Lesnick, CEO of and pledged to give back 1% with their organization. Our fund is in good company with BoxHQ, Twillio, Zuora, Salesforce VC, DocuSign, Greylock VC, Bessemer VP, Foundry Group and many others who have joined up with this organization..

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